Paint Pony Paint Pony

Here you can see Shylo is starting to come at ease with me. His tail is lifted and his mind is very focused.

When the paint pony came to me I recently had an alignment of trust forever broken.  And it dawned on me, while most people think as a horse trainer I’m rough and tough breaking the ‘spirit’ of these animals… what I really do quiet the opposite.  In a word I create trust. A few times this summer I have brought in young, sometimes stallions that have jumped around, and bucked in the round pen.  Onlookers (knowledgeable horse trainers and breeders) have looked at me and said your not going to get on are you??  To which I replied, ‘I have a feeling.’  Each of these high spirited horses turned into gentile giants carrying me with such composure and grace.  How do you explain that feeling?  Unspoken, calm, inner peace – trust.  This is the feeling I reflected back to the paint.  Video of a stallion I started last year with a total of 6 rides!  This is his first ride this season. I could tell you about the paint that arrived tense and white eyed at the best of times.  Fear, that given we triggered the right memory would turn to anger.  You can’t blame someone for how their life has been.  (And by this I’m not having a dig at the past owners, trainers or treatment of the horse.)  Rather his interpretation of their frustration for him.  The Horse Whisperer quotes ‘the alliance with man would forever be fragile as the fear he struck in their hearts was too deep.’  I couldn’t disagree more.  Yes that alliance is fragile with any relationship.  Horses unlike us constantly live in the moment making them more resilient.  They do have very strong memories however, they will react to your CURRENT actions.  I allowed the paint to make mistakes, praised him when he got it right, and set solid boundaries.  Because of this that white eyed pony no longer exists.  Instead I can tell you about a very trusting relationship I have with a wonderful kind eyed horse. Thank you for the journey Paint Pony.  Best wishes on your new path.

Shylo now. Level headed, and relaxed. Enjoying our ride!


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