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Paint Pony Paint Pony

When the paint pony came to me I recently had an alignment of trust forever broken.  And it dawned on me, while most people think as a horse trainer I’m rough and tough breaking the ‘spirit’ of these animals… what I really do quiet the opposite.  In a word I create trust. A few times …

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Day Two

Sunday, a day to relax and sleep in.  I had lots of excuses to not ride today, including Rain deserves a Sunday too.  But I knew this early in the game it had to be done.  We rode in the most perfect part of the day.  Right before the sun settles for the night.  When …

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60 Days Of Rain

What do you do with an inverted horse?  What do you do with a 12 year old inverted horse that works?  And by ‘works’ I mean is considerably talented and reliable in what she is used for.  Of course on occasion there are the normal side effects of prancing, and flightiness of a regular inverted …

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